Megan Roth

Author of Children's Books and Interactive Content; Former Employers: Sesame Street Workshop and The Walt Disney Company

Enrolling in the University of Pittsburgh’s Children’s Literature Certificate Program was one of the best decisions I could have made. I took courses that excited me every day and I luckily met professors that inspired and challenged me to look at literature in an entirely new way.

I continue to dive into children’s literature to see what is happening in the genre. In my opinion, it’s still one of the most fascinating categories out there. Take a look at a book written for children or a book written about children and you’ll find something interesting…something worth exploring. Look at the culture. Look at the historical implications. Look at what media is doing. What does it say about family? What does it say about youth? I took courses where I got to answer these questions. Critiquing and analyzing children’s literature was an invaluable experience. Now I get to help write and edit stories for children. I learned the history of the genre and different critical ways you can look at children’s literature. I put this knowledge to use every day and words cannot express how much these classes helped.