Jordan Mondell

Current Employer: Little Bee Books

The Children's Literature program at Pitt prepared me for a career I had never even considered initially. After taking a Writing Youth Literature course with Siobhan Vivian to fulfill a major credit, I fell in love with creating my very own piece aimed at younger audiences. I was hooked, and decided to pursue the official certificate. Aside from the wonderful literature courses in the program, some of my additional classwork was quite interdisciplinary, and had me learning about the social, cultural and psychological worlds of children.

I now work at Little Bee Books, a subsidiary of Bonnier Publishing, as a Marketing and Publicity Assistant. At Little Bee, I work with authors, librarians and booksellers to bring our titles to an audience that ranges from toddlers to teenagers. The Children's Literature program at Pitt not only gave me the tools I needed to understand my market, but it introduced me to many of my closest friends, writing partners and now colleagues, which is invaluable to me.