Corey Wittig

Digital Learning Librarian, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

My work as Digital Learning Librarian at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh can feel worlds away from my time earning the Children's Literature Certificate. Upon closer inspection, however, The Labs' creative technology programming is very much informed by works of children's literature and folk and fairy tales.

I see Burnett's Secret Garden in every teenager who discovers, in the library, a place of sanctuary to explore, grow, and play. Alice is there too when teens attempt to make sense of the adult world, turning things upside down and backward in their quest to make meaning.

In earning my Master's Degree in Library and Information Science, Dr. Leanne Bowler helped illustrate and illuminate the intersection of my studies, guiding me to a realization that, in order to support youth, it's crucial that we understand the timeless lessons imparted to us through story.

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