Alexandra Cathcart

Student at Temple University School of Medicine

I came to Pitt with a deep and seemingly mismatched love for both the sciences and the humanities.  Although I knew from the beginning that I wanted to attend medical school and eventually become a pediatrician, I divided my time in college equally between biology and English literature.  I decided to pursue the Certificate in Children’s Literature after taking a course in young adult literature and absolutely loving it - I had always known that I enjoyed spending time with kids, but I was surprised by the richness of the scholarly study of children’s culture.  

The courses I took through the program were among the best I took during my entire college career, and I relished the opportunity to take classes that I would not have taken otherwise.  I was constantly challenged by the fantastic faculty, and my participation in the program has absolutely changed how I think about and interact with kids.  Additionally, I was fortunate enough that the very last paper I wrote during college was honored with both the Carol Gay Award and Pitt’s Children’s Literature Paper Prize.

After graduating, I went to medical school at Temple University and graduated with a specialization in pediatrics. I currently serve as the president of the Pediatric Interest Group.  I hope to be as empathetic and thoughtful a physician as possible, and I truly believe that my time in the Children’s Literature program has prepared me well for my career.