Student Testimonials

Here's what students are saying about the Children's Literature Certificate Program:

“For me, the Children’s Literature certificate has been the most rewarding experience in my undergrad career.”

“I love the interdisciplinary approach.”

“I think the 3 [core] courses I took for this certificate have challenged my thinking more than any other course in college. They broadened the way I see everything, not just childhood.”

“These classes encapsulate what the college experience should do for people, make them more literate/informed citizens, capable critical thinkers, ready to face the world."

“Loved the children’s lit program! Wide variety of course choices with great instructors. 10/10!”

“The most valuable thing that I have learned is how society shapes children and constructs childhood, most times without input from children.”

“All 3 [core] courses helped me realize (and I think, aimed to teach me) that children are complex people, who enjoy complex media.”

“I feel that I am, to be honest, more empathetic. Understanding as many viewpoints as I can enables me to view events or pieces of media with a more critical and a much bigger focus.”

“I definitely feel like I have become a substantially stronger writer as a result of gaining the certificate. I feel much more competent in generating research topic ideas, identifying critical lenses, and applying them, and devising counterarguments to consider when writing.”

“Overall, I found the program to be very enjoyable and I highly recommend it to anyone--whether you are pursuing a literary field, whether you are looking for a break from the hard sciences, or even whether you simply just want to pursue an old passion of yours.”

“Studying childhood through a multidisciplinary approach (psychological, literary, etc.) will inform my future studies and career as a pediatric OT.”

“This interdisciplinary approach is fantastic and vital.”

“I feel more prepared to consider children in the work that I do. I hope to go into film/entertainment, and I am excited to consider children as not just an audience, but a vital and highly malleable audience for future media.”

“I intend on pursuing a career in Pediatrics after medical school and I thought the certificate would help me stand out for my application.”

“I really enjoyed the certificate as a whole. These ended up being some of my favorite classes at Pitt!”