Arielle Reed

Production Coordinator, The Fred Rogers Company

I am so thrilled to be working in a field that has such deep involvement with creative writing, art, child psychology, and education--and a profound respect for children's media as a whole. As a member of The Fred Rogers Company's Production Department, I get to be directly involved with the creation and management of our children's television shows. Some of my duties include critiquing scripts for our popular preschool show Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, entering our series for awards consideration, and helping on-set during production. My name is even in the credits of a new program about Mister Rogers' Neighborhood itself!

Earning my Children's Literature Certificate was one of the best collegiate choices I could have made, as it not only validated my lifelong adoration of the subject, but further proved to me that children's media is complex, meaningful, and so important to learn about. I had my fair share of encounters with people who didn't think that my interests would lead me to a bright future, and I am over the moon to be proving them wrong!